Fiberglass fabrics are made on looms mainly from straight roving. The rovings used have a thread diameter of 10 to 24 microns. They are coated with a reactive vinyl-silane or methacrylosilane adhesive, which allows direct application of fabrics during the production of laminates (no additional surface preparation operations are required), while ensuring good adhesion of the polyester to glass. Thanks to these glass materials, laminates acquire increased strength. They can also be used for decorative purposes, filtration, and for the production of special clothing.



Plain and weaving weaves are used, with different weaving densities.



Roving fabrics are in the form of rolls, wound on tubes of hardened paper, 73 or 76 mm in diameter, and wrapped in plastic wrap that protects against moisture and dirt. The rolls are stacked in several layers in a cone. All cargo is placed on a wooden pallet with dimensions of 1300 x 1200 mm or 1200 x 900 mm, additionally protected with plastic wrap and tied with polypropylene tape. The net weight of the cargo is about 750 kg.


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