Nonwoven Polyester Coremat

Non-woven core and liner for hand-spraying and spraying technologies.

Lantor Coremat® is a non-woven polyester material that contains microspheres and is used as a thin core (bulk mat) or as a copier (lining) layer in fiberglass, used for hand molding and spraying technologies. Lantor Coremat® significantly increases the rigidity of the product and minimizes resin consumption as all Lantor Coremat® are filled with microspheres. This material provides increased rigidity and reduced weight of materials, as well as excellent surface cleanliness.


Lantor Coremat® Xi

The original Coremat® Xi contains a resin indicator that changes color to indicate that resin has already been applied to the Coremat. This product is known for its excellent impregnation and drape properties during processing. Coremat® Xi is an excellent choice for complex shapes.

  • Original Lantor Coremat® quality
  • Easy impregnation with resin absorption of only 600 g / m2 per mm of thickness
  • Excellent flexibility and softness when handling complex shapes


Lantor Coremat® XM

Coremat® XM is engineered to combine optimized resin absorption with good tensile strength under wet conditions. The XM brand has a honeycomb structure for improved drape.

  • Suitable for pre-wetting outside the mold due to its high wet strength
  • Low resin consumption of 500 g / m² per mm of thickness
  • Honeycomb structure for improved drape


Lantor Coremat® XM10

Coremat® XM 10 is used to replace rigid materials such as foam, plywood or plastic cores. XM 10 fixes screws well and does not rot, unlike wood, it also combines the properties: flexibility and ease of processing.

  • A good replacement for plywood
  • Fixes screws well and does not rot, unlike wood
  • Flexibility and ease of handling


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