Rollers, brushes and other auxiliary tools

Equipment and tools for making composite / fiberglass products and applying gelcoat and resin.

Lamination rollers

Ribbed roller (Cross grooved roller)

  • Versatile roller with deep ribs positioned for maximum air release
  • Vertical grooves reduce spray for an even finish and prevent fiber movement
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents

Tractor roller (Roller with longitudinal grooves)

  • Universal roller, ideal for knitted or unidirectional fibers.
  • Robust profile for very efficient air removal from laminate flooring.
  • Perfectly impregnates laminate flooring. …
  • Suitable for large surfaces.

Hybrid roller (Combination of tractor and ribbed roller)

  • New variation of the classic longitudinal grooved roller
  • Excellent at low VOC or high filled resins
  • Reduces the amount of spray, thus providing an even coverage without air bubbles
  • Flexible fiber movement
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents

Brush roller (designed to remove air)

  • The bristles penetrate the laminate for a smooth finish
  • Suitable for uneven and curved surfaces
  • Very effective at eliminating small air bubbles and holes
  • Particularly suitable for thin laminates, carbon fibers and epoxies
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents


Wedges for removing the product from the mold

Standard White Rigid Wedges

Designed for removing a product from an old mold, the most popular.

Made of high density polyethylene for long service life.

Deluxe Medium Flex Blue Wedges (Синие клинья средней гибкости Делюкс)

Made of blended plastics for longer durability over standard medium flexibility plastics.

Standard Pink Flexible Wedges

Flexible pink wedges for removing parts from new molds. Ideal for new shapes that are less than 6 months old.

High performance green wedges

An excellent wedge with a special plastic blend that provides medium flexibility for effective use in a wide range of shapes, for a longer service life than any other wedge.

Deluxe White Hard Wedges

High performance wedges for removing parts from installed molds. High density blended material is slightly softer than standard white, but lasts longer.



We offer equipment for the manufacture of composite products, application of gelcoat and resin.

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