Chemical and heat-resistant, matrix, non-combustible resins

Polimal® VE-11M и Polimal® VE-11MT

Non-accelerated, fire-resistant epoxy-vinyl ester resin based on brominated bisphenol-A, recommended for the production of fiberglass products reinforced with fiberglass and / or mineral fillers.
It is characterized by increased thermal and chemical resistance.
Complies with DIN 53438 requirements; K1, class F1
Polimal® VE-11MT is a thixotropic version.
Polimal® VE-11M is approved by Lloyd’s Register.


Polimal® VE-2MM

non-accelerated, epoxy vinyl ester resin.
It is characterized by high thermal (HDT) and chemical resistance. It is used to create a transparent chemically resistant coating (barrier layer) on the surface of the product.


Polimal® VE-2MM TP

pre-accelerated, thixotropic, medium reactive epoxy-vinyl ester resin.
It is characterized by high thermal (HDT) and chemical resistance. It is used for the production of chemically resistant fiberglass laminate reinforced with fiberglass and / or mineral fillers.


Polimal® VE-3MM P INF

pre-accelerated epoxy vinyl ester resin, with low viscosity and high glass wetting, intended for RTM and infusion production.


Polimal® TVE-2 WTP

chemically resistant, pre-accelerated, thixotropic, high performance epoxy vinyl ester matrix resin with color cure indicator.
They are used for the production of fiberglass matrices and molds, as well as a barrier layer to protect gelcoat and laminate. We have high mechanical and thermal properties, as well as high chemical resistance and water absorption.

Benefits :

  • low shrinkage
  • good deaeration and wetting of glass material
  • possibility of using standard MEKR
  • high UV and aging resistance


Polimal® T104 WTP LP

non-shrinking, pre-accelerated, thixotropic, filled, matrix resin with color rejection indicator. It can also be used for the production of low-flammability laminates. Very high wetting properties of glass mat and fiberglass. It is characterized by the absence of shrinkage during polymerization (less than 1% in a pure resin casting).

Benefits :

  • very good deaeration and wetting
  • low temperature peak
  • wet-on-wet lamination possible


Polimal® 1601 P

pre-accelerated, thixotropic, filled, flame retardant unsaturated polyester resin.
Recommended for the production of fire-resistant fiberglass laminates for rail applications.
Laminate based on Polimal 1601 P and Gelcoat 1600 P complies with EN 45545, safety level HL1 and HL2 for R1 requirements.


Polimal® 1602 APyS

structural, pre-accelerated, orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin of reduced flammability. It is characterized by low styrene emission, white resin. Recommended for the manufacture of bus parts, electrical distribution boxes, and more. The content of some additives gives the resin flame retardant properties, similar to anti-foam.


Polimal® 1608 PS

structural, pre-accelerated, filled, DCPD modified unsaturated polyester resin with reduced flammability.
In the system with gelcoat 1608 it meets the standards:
DIN 5510: S4 / SR2 / ST2
NF P 92-501: M2


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