DIAB brand PVC foam

A group of PVC-based foam sheets, trade mark – Divinycell H, is used as a core material for the production of strong, rigid, lightweight sandwich structures.

Sandwich structures (structures) – a class of composite materials, consisting of the following elements:

  • two thin durable facing plates – cladding
  • thick lightweight PVC foam core (Divinycell type) separating the load-bearing plates and distributing the load between them
  • adhesive layers that bond the plates to the PVC foam core and transfer the load from the core to the facing and vice versa

The entire line of Divinycell H PVC foam has a high strength / weight ratio, exceptional dynamic strength, excellent insulating properties. PVC foam has a closed cell structure, which makes it waterproof.



  • high strength / weight ratio
  • resistance to dynamic loads
  • self-extinguishing
  • reduced water absorption
  • full compatibility with fiberglass
  • freedom in product design
  • flexibility in production

These properties provided a competitive advantage of PVC foam over other materials used in the production of sandwich structures (for example, balsa) and led to the widespread use of Divinycell H PVC foam, primarily in shipbuilding, automotive, power engineering (wind generators), aircraft construction and allow the use of PVC foam. Divinycell H in sandwich structures where strength, rigidity and low weight are required.

DIAB material classification

Kind   Description Manufacturing process
Simple sheet
Simple, smooth sheet.
Manual lamination. Working in closed forms. Pressing.

Flexible sheet with pre-cut cells on glass mesh

For laying on curved surfaces, PVC foam sheets with cut cells are intended, to ensure the integrity of the sheet, a fiberglass mesh is glued on one side.

Manual lamination.Working in closed forms

Double outlined

Sheet with double-sided slots in two directions with a depth of 55-60% of the main thickness. The slits create a slight flexibility in the sheet.

Manual lamination. Working in closed forms

Perforations in a sheet with a diameter of 1.6 mm to 3.2 mm, depending on the main thickness and density of the sheet.
Manual lamination. Working in closed forms. Pressing
Corrugated surface with grooves accessible from one or both sides and in length and width indications.
Working in closed forms
Combination of corrugated and perforated surface.
Corrugated sheet with perforations on one side (diameter 2mm in recesses). Dimples are available in length and / or width with 20mm spacing between dimples.
Working in closed forms
Special thickness
Target thickness specified by the client with ± 0.25mm tolerance
Working in closed forms



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