Unsaturated polyester resins

These are substances obtained by the polycondensation of alcohols and dicarboxylic acids.

This product is widely used in various industries and businesses.

Products obtained on the basis of unsaturated polyesters have high strength, low weight, resistance to various types of loads, good thermal insulation and dielectric properties, radio transparency, and rigidity. In addition, polyester resin is absolutely safe for humans and the environment.

It is a liquid unsaturated polyester resin intended for the manufacture of parts in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, baths, containers, manually or industrially, reinforced with glass fibers.
Foundry resins are used for the production of artificial stone, the production of cast marble, the production of polymer concrete sanitary ware.
Polyester resins for special applications. They have a low flammability and are intended for use of products in special conditions.
These resins are designed for hand or spray laminate production with adhesion to acrylic and ABS.
They are used for the manufacture of products in a rotating form.
Such resins have high thermal stability, high productivity, and increased mechanical parameters.