EPIDIAN® DECO, in combination with Deco or Deco K Hardener, is an epoxy formulation designed to create unique, exclusive pieces of furniture and other interior design elements:


  • create furniture and decor items based on wood and resin
  • coating of wooden surfaces
  • create epoxy river decorative countertops
  • fill defects in wood
  • create jewelry and other artistic elements


In this article, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about EPIDIAN® DECO-based composition. If you have a question or request, please write to us at info@polymall.com.ua, and we will be happy to answer.


1. How do I prepare the tree before starting? How should I prime it?

The wood must be pre-sanded to remove marks or dirt, level the surface and improve penetration.

The composition (EPIDIAN® DECO + Hardener® Deco) must be evenly applied with a brush or mop over the entire surface. Avoid applying too much of the composition as it will not absorb and harden properly.


2. How can I avoid air bubbles in the resin after curing? How can I remove resin bubbles?

To avoid bubbles in the resin in the first place, special attention should be paid to the mixing process. The tools are just as important as the process itself. We strongly recommend using a low speed mixer at 300-400 rpm. In most cases, this will help break up air bubbles. In addition, air bubbles may indicate improper priming.


3. What are the recommended conditions (temperature, humidity) for working with EPIDIAN® DECO resin?

The recommended room humidity should be about 60% at 20 ℃ (but not less than 18 ℃). The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 10%. The recommended humidity is not less than 8%.

The resin must always be handled indoors.


4. Can I use a gas burner or electric heater to cure EPIDIAN® DECO?

The burners are not intended for curing, but for the so-called deaeration, that is, removing air bubbles from the surface of the cured composition. It should be used with sufficient care to avoid uneven curing, which could adversely affect the final result.


5. Is EPIDIAN® DECO resin safe?

Yes. After curing. EPIDIAN® DECO becomes a substance that is chemically neutral to living organisms, including the human body. Moreover, the Polish Institute of Hygiene has certified EPIDIAN® DECO.

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