EPIDIAN® DECO, in combination with Deco or Deco K Hardener, is an epoxy formulation designed to create unique, exclusive pieces of furniture and other interior design elements:


  • create furniture and decor items based on wood and resin
  • coating of wooden surfaces
  • create epoxy river decorative countertops
  • fill defects in wood
  • create jewelry and other artistic elements


In this article, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about EPIDIAN® DECO-based composition. If you have a question or request, please write to us at info@polymall.com.ua, and we will be happy to answer.


1. How can I deaerate the composition?


The most important step is the mixing process. Suitable mixers and appropriate mixing rates will significantly reduce resin aeration. Use hot air to deaerate the surface (not the mass), for example. an electric heat gun or gas burner, but take extra care to avoid rapid, uneven curing of the resin.


The first deaeration can be carried out approximately 5 minutes after application, the second attempt, if necessary, no later than 15 minutes. If the resin does not harden on exposure to hot air, stop deaeration.


2. How should EPIDIAN® DECO be mixed? What kind of mixers do I need to use?


We highly recommend a hex head mixer for resins and paints. The stirring speed should not exceed 300-400 rpm.


3. Does the wood need to be cleaned before use?


Yes, because the bark of the tree is very porous and applying resin to uncleaned wood can cause aeration and poor adhesion.


4. What density should be the EPIDIAN® DECO layer with DECO K hardener? Can multiple coats be applied?


It is important to remember that the exothermic process is determined by the mass of the composition. We strongly recommend that you read the Technical Information carefully before using any epoxy resin. For EPIDAN® DECO used with DECO K hardener, the recommended maximum thickness is 4 cm for 9 cm width and 1 m length, while thickness and length are the most important parameters.


The layers can be combined, but each next one can only be applied when the previous layer is no longer tacky, but at the same time is not yet fully cured.


5. What colorants can be used with EPIDIAN® DECO?


You should only use special dyes, preferably liquid ones. Unsuitable colorants can interfere with the crosslinking of the resin – either speed it up or slow it down, cause discoloration during cure, or negatively affect the quality of the cured resin.

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